About Us

Creative Hands Florist was founded in 1986 by Morylan Rogers-Bernard. We have been serving the Greater Memphis Area for almost 35 years. We pride ourselves in elegance and style in arrangements for any occasion. Creative Hands Florist would love to serve you as we've been serving our loyal customers for over 30 years!

Who we are 

Morylan and Elijah are a couple born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. They have been business partners for over 20 years and have expertise in fresh cut floral arrangements for any occasion. Their arrangements include occasions like Weddings, Valentines Day, and even Funerals. Morylan has a background in design and floristry, which displays as a glamorous combination in her work. Elijah has a background in computer science, and business. Together they offer wonderful floral arrangements and customer service. 

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